Motivational Book : How To Be Interesting

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Today i will talk about my favourite Motivational Book by Jessica Hagi called ‘How to be interesting’

When I first saw this book, i was attracted by the cover. Simple but the bright yellow is eyecatching enough. To be honest, im not a fan of this kind of book, i personally think its very boring and plain, i prefer to read Fictional book. BUT, THIS ONE is totally different. I love this book, every pages is full of graphic doodle and easy explanation for us to understand

Not only the doodle, i also love the contrast colour on every pages of the book.

This book was first published in the United States as HOW TO BE INTERESTING : in 10 Simple Steps. There are 265 pages in total.

This book taught me a lot, it motivates me to be my own self, create my own style and live my own life. I love this book, recommended👍

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The Liebster Award 


The Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers to bloggers, and it helps new, smaller blogs to be discovered. By recognising the hard work and effort that bloggers put into their passion, it encourages them, keeps them motivated, and it surely makes them feel proud of their work. The name ‘Liebster’ which means dearest, sweetest, beloved kindness in German.

QUOTES CREDIT : itskathrynjane

Hello, i was nominated by Janah on her blog janahpinku ! Make sure to check her out, her blog is seriously amazing💓


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1.Pick a word that best describe the internet.          Knowledge

2.What is the most offensive thing someone has said to you Online? Fortunately, i think i’ve never experienced such thing

3.What is your phone model and what is the best thing about it? Oppo f1s, i love the design, simple yet classy

4.What is your most used Social Media Platform? Instagram,Youtube and Line (Comment down your Instagram account)

5.If you were to choose one Social media to use for the rest of your life, which social media would you choose? Probably LINE

6.If you can take someone from the dead, who would you choose and why? Any founder of Physic. Dear founders, thanks for making my high school life more and more challenging *sarcasm*

7.What is one skincare product you swear by? Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

8.Who is your childhood hero/heroine? Kyuhyun from Superjunior

9.Who is the one person you can live with for the rest of your days? My mom Ofcourse

10.What are the top 5 things you cant leave the house without? Phone,wallet,Cable data,Powerbank and liptint.

11.Name your ultimate favourite food combo. Fish and Fries Ofcourse

My Nominees :

My Questions for you guys :

  1. Who inspired you to start blogging?
  2. How do you think of my blog?
  3. Where do you came from?
  4. Skincare or Makeup?
  5. What is your 2018 new year resolution?
  6. Mention 3 of your favourite songs!
  7. Mention One part of yourself that you are extremely have confidence in!
  8. What is success to you?
  9. Where do you usually shops for your beauty products?
  10. Since When did you started to learn about make-up or skincare?
  11. Give me a short describe about yourself!

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Happy 2k18🍻

Hello, its been half year since i write a blogpost. Im terribly sorry, been feeling down for the past few months.

Last week I went to my mother’s hometown for my semester break and I met up with my childhood besties! and to be honest, one of them did encourage me to continue on writing in this blog, so … I did! thanks a lot, girl! *message me if you read this💋*


REVIEW : CHICA Y CHICO Mat fix cushion

Actually, this is my first time buying a Cushion Foundation, There are a LOT of cushion foundation out there that im really puzzled and confused of what to buy, ’cause hey its pricey man! After watching some recommendation videos of Beauty Vlogger and Beauty Youtuber, i decided on this one, Plus there was a discount on althea back then. Ofcourse, who doesnt like discount👀👌

Chica Y chico Mat fix cushion got three shades on the line

  • No 21 light beige
  • No 22 natural beige
  • No 23 medium beige

I bought the no 23 medium beige one, actually i was thinking of going for the Natural beige, since my skin is not really dark, but when i checked on Althea, only the shade No 23 is available, so… Yeah why not? Fortunately, It fits perfectly with my skin tone👌

Product’s CLAIMS :

🍑 Long lasting : for me, YES. I’ve tried few local’s (Indonesia) foundation and it doesnt last this long, as i really sweat a lot. But this korean cushion really got me surprised, it doesn’t smudge even when im sweating, i think this one is really a PLUS point

🍑 Light : Yes, compared to the others foundation i’ve ever tried.

🍑 High coverage : I should say Medium but it is buildable to high. Need to apply few more layer to make my face look flawless. BUT i personally dont really like to apply too much layers, I afraid it will look cakey, thats no no for me!

🍑 Powerful oil blotting : Not really? Im not sure but basically my face is super oily, it produces sebum like-I dont even know how to express- , Up ’till now i havent found a cushion foundation that succeeded this point on my face. But, i think this will work best on normal to oily skin. The finishing result is really Matte and Dry.


  • Matte finishing
  • Long lasting
  • Elegant packaging
  • Light
  • Sweat Proof
  • Buildable coverage


  • Pricey (original price IDR 400+ or USD $33)
  • Too Dry for dry skin

Here as you can see, the first photo is my bareface, literally my face without any makeup on

The second one is my face applied with primer and Chica Y chico Mat fix cushion, it definitely looks brighter and glowing. (Time : 11.30 AM)

The last one is my face after almost 10 hours of wearing the product without any touch up and blotting paper! It looks really greasy, but actually the coverage is still okay and i looked glowing. But sure i can feel the oil on my face:( Maybe some blotting paper throughout the day will help!

My bare face without any primer or product on
I applied a layer of primer and the cushion foundation on
I went out from noon till night, the last view of me wearing the cushion foundation before washing up

Product Rate : 3.8/5✨

Repurchase ? Maybe Yes, but im still trying to find a better cushion for my oily skin:(

So, that’s all for today review, i hope you guys find it helpful! Comment below if you guys have any recommendation for me😁

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REVIEW : My products for Acnes&Pimples

Hello guys!

It’s been a while since my last post, i actually write this post three times before this and i dont know why, it DISAPPEAR as soon as i published it. It was so Dissapointing ’cause me to feel lazy af to write again. I really hope this time it wont disappear like before!

SO, in this post i will tell you guys about the products i uses to treat my Acnes&Pimples problems.

1.Quina Skin Tonic

💧Ingredients : Water,Talc,Kaolin,Ethyl Alcohol,Zinc Oxide,Menthol,Perfume,Methyl Paraben,Prophyl Paraben,Acetyl Hexamethyl Tetralin,Cl 77492,Cl 77491 and Cl 774999.

🌸 Claims : Formulated to brighten and enhance skin radience. Use as Facial foundation to control oil and reduce acne or use on body to refresh skin and reduce itching.

❓How i use : shake well before use, Pour it on the tip of your finger and dab it around your Pimples area.

This is a product from Thailand, its the first product i use to treat my Acnes&Pimples when i just started my menstruation cycle. I love the after effect, Mint and cool sensation on your face when you first apply it. use it before sleeping, and when you wake up the next morning, the pimples will shrink and disappear slowly.

2.CNI Nutrimoist

💧Ingredients : Distilled water, White Vaseline, Bees Wax, Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Glycerine Monostearate, Menthol, Rhizoma Polygonum Cuspidati, Radix Polygonum Multiflori, Radix Angeliceae Sinensis, Radix Panax Ginseng, Sodium Benzoate, Perfume, Methyl Paraben, Propylparaben

🌸 Claims : Nutrimoist make your skin tender,gentle and glows naturally.

❓How i use : Take out a little and put it on the edge of your Finger and dab a thin layer on your acnes areas.

This product is manufactured in Taiwan and Packed in Malaysia. I know this product from an aunty of mine and she was Recommended by a Dermatologist. Well, i personally think this product doesn’t work as well as they said. It took way too long for my Pimples to shrink, i guess everyone got different skin type and not every skin product suits us well, my mom use this and she said it’s very effective. 

Even though, it’s not very effective on my pimples, but i do love to use this if my skin get sensitive, such as redness,itching or scars, it works on me.

3.Acnes Sealing Jell

💧Ingredients : Not stated on the product

🌸 Claims : Helps to fight bacteria and Acne care.

❓How i use : Take out sufficiently on the edge of your finger and apply it around acnes Areas.

This is a product manufactured by Indonesia and Licensed by THE MENTHOLATUM COMPANY,NEW YORK, USA. 

Honestly, at first i was so Dissapointed on this productㅠㅠ My friends says this is so good and nice, very effective to get rid of pimples blah blah- so i kinda have high expectation on this Product, BUT! it turned out Dissapointing. My acnes doesnt get better after few times application. And, a point that i dont like is the formula, i think the formula is a bit too oily for me as i have oily skin type, i really dont like oil based skin product. Up untill now, i havent find a plus point from this product. I wonder if you guys ever try this one? Please Tell me how you think!😁

I think that’s all for today post! Im so sorry for not updating these days. I hope this post wont disappear like before🙏

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I wonder if people can go out empty-handed, well I Cant🙅 I feel weird going out empty-handed, it is like im missing something and awkward af with nothing in my hand, Atleast Handphone is a MUST.

So, what’s on my bag guys? Check it out! 

Not much, just some basic stuff a girl would bring with her.

1.Handphone, okay i cant go out without this, i will feel insecure and lost. HAHAHA omg i think im so gadget-addicted, Well not that i cant live without this, but i just love to bring my phone with me ’cause it helps me when im into a “Awkward situation”

2.Earphone, i listen to music like 24/7 and i love to watch Drama in car/bus, so using an earphone prevent me disturbing the other people.

3.Wallet, This is the second important one after the Phone. If im going out by myself, without wallet feels like “im so broke… Nobody wants me…. What should i do…” ALRIGHT ken👌

4.Liptint, its a liptint from The Face Shop, i’ve wrote the review before, check out DISNEY x The Face Shop Watery Tint.

5.Loose Powder, Since my i have a very oily skin type, i always bring my Couleur Inc Loose powder-a product from Japan- with me. I love how it excess my extra sebum and it has shimmery effect on my skin. I got mine in shade Natural beige.

6.Lenses case, i wear contact lense, so i need to always bring this with me, just in case if my eyes feels hurt/itchy, i will take it off to prevent irritation.

7.Tissue, my mom said a woman cant leave out tissue in her bag, so … Yeah. HAHAHA

8.Medicine, i get sick easily, so i tend to bring the medicine with me.

9.Keys, i need key with me ’cause i dont want to look like a beggar in front of the gate👀

10.Flashdisk, i dont know, its just there XD this is a Not-must thing hmm

SO! Thats all for me ya guys, today post isnt about a detailed review, just a small relaxed talk with you guys💙

MY LIPBALMS; Maybelline,Vaseline or Oriflame?

Hi guys! Its me kennix♡

Im sure everybody know what is lipbalm right? Everybody use lipbalm, daily. Today, i will be reviewing about my lipbalms, which is from Maybelline,Vaseline and Oriflame!

Maybelline Baby Lips Color 

I got mine in shade Cherry kiss, it is red and super pigmented. You dont have to add any lipstick ’cause the lipbalm it self gives off a cool red color yet still natural looking. Very lightweight! The only point that is Dissapointing is the color isnt that long lasting, but you still can feel the moisture on your lips 🙂 this is already my second one👍

Pros :

  • moisturizing
  • Pigmented
  • Lightweight
  • Very Cheap
  • Travel-friendly

Cons :

  • Not long-lasting

Oriflame Tender care blackcurrant protecting balm

Alright what a long name HAHA! When i first open the lid and sniffed it “oh hell this smells like heaven man!” really guys this one smells super nice, strong blackcurrant scent! And then i tried to apply it on my lips, Well, at first you will feel that your lips is super greasy, but after a while it feels really hydrating and it soothes your lips. It’s also very good if you use this before you applying Lipcream. And If you use this before going to sleep, i guarantee you the next morning you will be Thanking whomever recommending this to you WHICH IS ME! the only thing that i dont like issssss~ Can you guess it guys? Btw i dont know about the price ’cause I got this on last year Christmas eve, it’s a gift from my Aunt! Thank you Aunty i love this💙

Pros :

  • SUPER Hydrating
  • Smells good

    Cons :

    • The packaging

    Vaseline lip teraphy 

    Yup vaseline! Who doesn’t know vaseline? Vaseline is very popular with the petroleum jelly with multifuncions! Aside from the petroleum jelly, this is also very popular! Vaseline lip therapy comes with 4 different kind which are Original,rosy lips,cocoa butter and Aloe. mine is rosy lips.

    This one isnt as greasy as the oriflame one, but its pretty hydrating too. The colour isnt as pigmented as the baby lips one yet this one gives off natural soft pink lips look, so i really love this. Ah, for this mini sized lipbalm (7g) its quite pricey. I bought this for around SGD $6 .

    Pros :

    • Hydrating
    • Natural looking
    • Soothes lips
    • Cute packaging (mini)

    Cons :

    • Not pigmented
    • Quite pricey

    Okay, i think that’s all for today gurls, i hope you all find this helpful:) and please like/comment&Follow if you do💙

    Why should we use TONER?

    Hello guys, it’s me kennix♡

    Its been a week+ since my last post, i was busy thanks to the freaking Exam:( but, THANKFULLY HOLIDAY CAME💙.

    despite my laziness *oops* , today im gonna write about the importance of Toner, why you shouldn’t skip the toner step in your skincare routine, and which kind of toner that’s good for you! 

    Because , I personally think that this is a Crucial matter -okaywhateverken- so i decided to write this and i hope girls out there will use toner routinely start from today<3 so here i will just explain everything in more Simple ways. CHECK IT OUT!

    • What is Toner? 

    Kind of liquid/lotion that helps you clean your face thoroughly and it also shrink the appearance of pores.

    • Why should i use Toner? shrink pores, come on gurlfriends we all know that large pores really does annoys the hell out of us. So, to prevent large pores, Ofcourse toner is a MUST. This is the main purpose of toner anyway. balance your skin pH, after we clean our face using a soap or any facewash, mostly our skin pH will get disturbed, and Ofcourse our skin needs to work overtime to restore the balance WHICH can leads to producing too much oil! But, if we use a toner after the cleansing, it helps to restore the balance quickly

    3.its moisturising,freshen up your skin,calming down your skin and also toner can be as an extra cleansing, After we wash our face with facewash, do the Extra Cleansing with a toner! Use a cotton pad to do the double cleansing, you definitely still can see the dirt on the cotton, because cleaning our face using only the facewash is never enough~ 

    • What kind of toner should i use?

    💧for dry skin : Look for products that have peptides, glycolipids, rose hips seed oil or jojoba oil, dimethicone, and glycolic acid. Avoid products that contain alcohol (SD 40, denatured, ethanol, and isopropyl), sodium or ammonium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, and pertrolatum

    💧for oily skin : Use products that contain oil-free ingredients, sodium hyaluronate, sodium PCA, and AHA. Avoid products that contain alcohol (SD 40, denatured, ethanol, and isopropyl), sodium or ammonium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, and pertrolatum.

    💧Toners with tough astringents like alcohol, menthol, and witch hazel aren’t really recommended because it will irritate your skin and deplete your skin’s natural oil.

    So, these are my toners that i use for cleansing and to tighten up my pores. These toners still contain alcoholic ingredient. The wardah one contain witch hazel, some says the witch hazel is really good for our skin and some says it can deplete our skin’s natural oil, so i bought it and i will try this for a while, and i will write the full review after i got the result.

    So, guys! Im still on my journey *WHAT* to finding my favourite tonerㅠㅠ 너무 힘들어 . If you guys have any recommendation, please do comment below guys💙 ah,im an oily skin type!

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